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World ‘debt bubble’ reaching ‘critical mass,’ action needed, NOW – 9 Updates

The EU, US, and world politicians may appear to be reliving ‘Groundhog Day,’ the difference is, while the dialog and action seem to repeat, the countries are disintegrating. Dialog and progress in both the European Union (EU) and the United … Continue reading

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Let’s take a break…

There is more to life than the Eurozone, US, China, and World politics With all the ‘Groundhog Day’ machinations of the Eurozone, ‘watching grass grow’ drama of the US Congress, our ‘flim flam man’ president, the trying to understand the … Continue reading

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More Known Unknowns. China’s Shadow Banking

While a lot of attention is being placed on the European debt problems, including our own, we should not forget the likely troubles brewing in China. In December, most Chinese cities registered price decreases. Amazingly, some firms are finding that … Continue reading

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The Eurozone’s orchestrated demise…

Demise of the European Economy Triggered by Wall Street Heavy Hitters By: Bob Chapman February 22, 2012 One of the things we learned in almost 30 years in the brokerage business is that self-regulation does not work. The players are … Continue reading

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Mortgage Settlement. Payback or Sham?

Courtesy of the Federal government and the States Attorneys general, Taxpayers fleeced, AGAIN Well, very likely, the recent bank mortgage fraud settlement is, a sham. Neil Barofsky, who used to be the Special Inspector of TARP, tells Bloomberg host Eric Schatzker, that a … Continue reading

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Eurozone now prepared to jettison Greece – 8 Updates

Eurozone prepared to approve Greek Bailout, but Greece will leave the Eurozone, and likely, the European Union (EU) After three years, it now becomes apparent that the Eurozone, the European Union (EU) and the United States (US) conspired to extend … Continue reading

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US seems determined to repeat the collapse of the USSR

The US seems to be on track to collapse, as did the USSR The US now spends more on the military annually, than the rest of the world, combined. The US has eleven super carrier groups operating in the world, … Continue reading

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A Fascinating Lecture on Algorithms, Society and Their Dangers

In a related theme, check out the chart below from Nanex, which shows an algo gone awry. Some of this stuff will blow your mind. John

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American Families Fleeced by White House and Warren Buffett

In just 8 months, Warren Buffett helped the White House save Bank of America and other big banks, transfer liability for Bank of America’s Merrill Lynch derivatives, and release the big banks from economic responsibility for robo-signing and other fraudulent … Continue reading

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A Market Force Change in Higher Education

The increasing cost of education at the present time could eventually force a change in the way it is accomplished.  The length of time in recovering the cost is in many cases simply not worth it (see graphic below). Market … Continue reading

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