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Cover Up: Fukushima Nuclear Threat – 5 Updates

The world expected to be informed, Japan provided disinformation, Germany exited the Nuclear Club, and the rest of the world provided little information. The Fukushima Nuclear accident did not produce new information as much as it exposed known information that … Continue reading

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Chinese Coal, Iron Ore Pump and Dump?

This is just plain wierd. China is a hard place to figure out. From the Financial Times: Over the last two weeks, Chinese consumers of thermal coal and iron ore have been defaulting on their contracts, sending prices sharply down. … Continue reading

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Alien Invasion Coming? Call Ripley, not Paul Krugman

Paul Krugman, economist extraordinaire is back with a new “broken window” plan. Krugman, whom allegedly received a Nobel prize for long-ago published academic work but more likely for hating Bush, continues his “Alien Invasion” stimulus plan to get the government … Continue reading

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Let’s put everything in perspective…

Eight Amazing Holes Submitted for posting by reader Audrey Boyle of Las Vegas, Nevada A ‘tip o’ the hat’ to Audrey Boyle You can read Audrey’s blog at: Geoff

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Have we overlooked the obvious?

These are the salaries, not the total cost incurred by these people, their staffs and security details are also on the backs of the US taxpayer. Salary of retired US Presidents …………………$180,000 FOR LIFE Salary of House/Senate ……………………………$174,000 FOR LIFE … Continue reading

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The world faces an imminent challenge we must tackle, NOW! – 12 Updates

Life as we know it is coming to an end… We have been writing about the demise of the Eurozone and its attendant collapse for over a year. Well, we are now here and the collapse and subsequent contagion will … Continue reading

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Nassim Taleb Re-emerges For Some Long Awaited Comments on JP Morgan

One of our favorite writer/philosopher/trader’s Nassim Taleb is visibly pissed regarding JP Morgan’s poorly designed trade (allegedly a hedge). Taleb prefers the hedge fund model for trading risk, as do we, since hedge funds have “skin in the game” not just taxpayer … Continue reading

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Interview with Jim Sinclair, Legendary Gold Trader and Mine Owner

Futures Magazine had a lengthy interview with Jim Sinclair. In light of recent problems in the Eurozone and volatility in metals prices, we thought it would be a useful interview for our readers to examine. We also found his comments … Continue reading

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Jeff Gundlach reveals the Natural Gas Trade

We were thinking along similar lines regarding natural gas, specifically in buying call options. Jeff Gundlach discusses his weird short Apple, long Natural Gas play, as well as some other funny discussions with Tom Keene. John

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Austerity in Europe. Has it been tried or not?

There is doubt… Writing in, Russ Roberts responds to John Cassidy’s article in the New Yorker in which Cassidy writes: When the campaign turns to questions of economics, what is happening in Europe should provide Obama with plenty of … Continue reading

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