Sex, or the US Dollar? Is there a story behind the story? 4 Updates

It’s Not about Sex, it’s about the US Dollar

I was astonished when the news broke about the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Chief, Dominique Strauss-Kahn (DSK), being arrested at JFK International, just after  boarding an Air France flight for Paris.   The charge was sexual assault of a maid at the Sofitel Hotel in Manhattan.  While the accusation is harsh and implied emotional suffering excruciating, it wasn’t the incident that surprised me, it was the flourish with which the arrest was made and the way the story was reported.  That was followed by a full court press of vigilante justice in the news, mug-shots and pictures of the accused in handcuffs.  What happened to, “innocent until proven guilty?”

As the story unfolded, I couldn’t help but wonder about the story behind the story.  It turns out that DSK had gotten himself on the wrong side of the central bankers, for taking the IMF in directions that miffed powerful international bankers and the United States.  He had specifically proposed policies, which would move the IMF and the world central banks away from the US Dollar and US Treasuries, in fulfilling international obligations.  His attempt to lighten up on Ireland by getting the international banking interests to take a loss, was unceremoniously quashed by US Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner.

While the accusation of sexual assault, if true, is hideous and unforgivable, the story behind the story seems to explain the “over the top,” reaction by law enforcement and the press.  More comprehensive information is now becoming available.  Among the first to write about the story behind the story is Mike Whitney, a freelance writer from Washington state:

There will be many more nuances as the story unfolds, currently, the world financial powers are positioning themselves in the process of naming a new head of the IMF, while France is regrouping to cope with a new landscape in the coming election for President.  Repercussions of this event will have significant, international consequences well into the future.  Fasten your seatbelts…


Postscript May 23, 2011: After Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner vetoed the attempt by the IMF to help Ireland with its International debt, President Obama declares that the US will always stand by Ireland:

PS2: May 23, 2011: Dr. Craig Paul Roberts weighed in on the Dominique Stauss-Kahn issue with noteworthy points:

PS3: November 30, 2011 Article Sheds Light on the Fabrication of Charges Against Strauss-Kahn:

PS4: December 22, 2011 What Really Happened to Strauss-Kahn? by Edward Jay Epstein | The New York Review of Books:


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One comment on “Sex, or the US Dollar? Is there a story behind the story? 4 Updates

  1. Fred Garvin on said:

    You are definitely right on about this one: it has something to do with the US Treasury and international bankers. A lot of speculation has been flying about DSK being a threat to Sarkozy, but that wouldn’t prompt NYPD to pull DSK off of a plane and all the resulting shenanigans. This is tied much closer to the US Treasury and Tax-Cheat Geithner than the administration wants anyone to know.

    I seriously doubt any sexual assault occurred, unless it was of the theory presented late last week in that DSK received a phone call where he was told a prostitute was being sent to his room & that she would be dressed as a maid…so that when the real room maid arrived, DSK thought she was the prostitute in a convenient setup.

    But there is just too much about this that stinks: the maid was totally out of protocol with her conduct and actions with just that single room….hmmmm.

    You are definitely on the right trail, this stinks to high heaven as a setup.

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