Eurozone: Cheating to Lose – 1 Update

Goldman-Sachs complicit in hiding Greek Debt from Eurozone

More controversy at your fingertips…  A great expose from the BBC on how Greece cheated on it’s debt ratio with the help of everybody’s favorite partner in financial crime, Goldman-Sachs. Despite cheating, Greece will still finish as a loser. Do you trust your governments and banks now? I wonder how much of the Greek citizenry knows about this?

Remember, this video documents a major US financial company colluding with a sovereign Eurozone country (Greece) to misrepresent its financial standing to the Eurozone, European Union (EU), and the other nations of the world. Goldman-Sachs, who clearly masterminded the deception, justifies it the way a juvenile would, we didn’t do anything that others weren’t doing.

If you are wondering if the whole financial world is in La La land, the video below is a great exposition of just how messed up things are. The whole world seems determined to avoid making tough decisions, followed by effective, diligent action to get the financial world on track for recovery. The world watched its financial structure unravel for over three years, slipping into its current death-spiral.

Given the obvious results we are seeing, the current world leadership will drive their respective countries, on tracks, into the tunnel, to meet the financial disaster headed our way. Any readers who can make a difference with our political leadership, now would be the time for focused, constructive action.


Geoff & John

Postscript: March 8, 2012 Goldman’s Secret Greek Loan:


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