“America First” in Practice: Boeing, a Major Casualty of Trade War With China

“America First” in Practice: Boeing, a Major Casualty of Trade War With China | MishTalk


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2 comments on ““America First” in Practice: Boeing, a Major Casualty of Trade War With China

  1. It is about time that Americans put themselves first. They need to. Just and an individual needs to treat themselves to some luxuries sometimes, so should a nation. We need to put the priority on American culture and prosperity.

    The focus on American Culture is particularly important. The Leftist, Liberal viewpoint has been one to divide everyone into a falacy of multiculturalism. Multiculturalism is itself wrong because the focus should be on American and our own unique culture. If you are of a certain ethnicity then embrace that, but we should be refocusing and ensuring we put in place the laws to ensure that a long lasting American culture is staunchly in place. Baseball, hotdogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet! So be it. But American, celebrate all things American, and be proud to be American first.

    There also must be a shift in the official government vernacular of where American appears in an ethnic description. Write in to the CFR–The Code of Federal Regulations–descriptions as Americans of __________ Ancestry. Americans of African Ancestry, Americans of Jewish Ancestry, Americans of Mexican Ancestry. Do away completely with the hyphenated-American moniker. Most importantly, write it into all Common Core education standards. It is time that Conservative values be equally represented in all levels of educational material. Threaten to cut off Federal funding should a state or county refuse to comply.

    America First!!!!!

  2. AMERICA FIRST is the single most important initiative for the Trump presidency. It is the core around which everything else is built and what was promised. The end benefit must be much more positive for American citizens, make sustainable and enduring our pride in our own American culture, and ensuring prosperity opportunity and safety for all American citizens.

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