Democrats Are in Worse Shape than Even They Think

Democrats Are in Worse Shape than Even They Think

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One comment on “Democrats Are in Worse Shape than Even They Think

  1. You have to shake your head when you read an article like this–not because I don’t believe it. I shake my head because the amplitude of the of boorish, bullying, nastiness from the Liberal–Left–Democrats is inversely proportional to their losses. In other words, the more they lose the louder, more raucus, rowdy, violent they become. When the extreme right Tea Party would hold gatherings I read reports that they clean up and left the places they walked cleaner than before. Contrast that to the loudmouth radical Left who bully and put down people and verbally abuse them, block traffic and inconvenience others, damage other people’s property and ruin other people’s livelihoods buy burning their businesses to the ground, physically harming other people and in hundreds of incidents over the years actually killing innocent people. We are all left to wonder who is the party of reasonableness, good values, and lawfulness.

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