With the Affordable Care Act upheld, the hard part follows… – 1 Update

What did US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts accomplish with his Affordable Care Act (ACA) decision on June 28, 2012?

By upholding the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) forced the politicians and the American people to actually read the act (attention: Nancy Pelosi), and realize how cumbersome it makes doing business in America.  It also exposes the US Citizenry to the increase or creation of 21 separate taxes constituting the largest tax implementation in United States history.

The number and extent of protected groups of people is also exposed to intense public scrutiny, such as, preventive medical care, general medical care, and catastrophic medical care for illegal immigrants.

The Chief Justice deftly negotiated his way through the US Affordable Care Act (ACA), issues and the US Constitution, to find a way to uphold the ACA.  In doing so, he clearly labeled the ACA as the largest tax increase in American History, limited Congressional action under the Commerce Clause (to the point where the government will never compel US citizens to purchase anything they did not want), he protected States Rights with respect to Medicaid and ACA so they cannot be forced to take actions by Federal decree, and lowered the threshold to defang ACA by the Senate (to repeal the ACA would require 60 Senate votes to overcome filibuster, now, to de-fund ACA, or, repeal a tax, would only require 51 Senate votes).

Chief Justice John Roberts, in a single opinion, caused the Democratic Party to celebrate, while arming and incentivizing the GOP to the teeth for the upcoming November General Election.  It was an artistic use of the Supreme Court power and prerogative by Chief Justice Roberts.


Postscript: July 2, 2012 John Roberts? Meet John Marshall. – Tenth Amendment Center: http://tenthamendmentcenter.com/2012/07/02/john-roberts-meet-john-marshall/


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