Devoted to exploring perspectives of current issues facing the United States of America and the World, through personal commentary, and, or, aggregating news and due diligence information.

GeoffTalk.com: Purpose

GeoffTalk.com is specially designed to provoke thought and critical thinking in the minds of the college student and the recent college graduate so they may better understand the world we live in and to better prepare them for the challenges they will face in the future.

A good foundation for future success will require more than just smarts and a great education.   Future success requires that young adults must have a studied understanding of the cultural, political, and economic aspects affecting our lives in the 21st Century.  GeoffTalk.com will expose its audience to perspectives on current and future issues so that they may become critical thinkers as they make their own mark in leadership roles, business and their personal lives.  GeoffTalk.com will help them to increase their understanding of the impact and consequences of today’s action, or, inaction, on our future.

GeoffTalk.com visitors and members determine the focus of topics through questions, comments, and participation on the website.  Guest Commentator posting submissions are welcome and will be posted to encourage increasing participation in our forums.

GeoffTalk.com is more than a primer.  It is a forum where the important issues of the day are gathered from the web, literature, from critical thinkers from across the globe, and from participants who thoughtfully seek to discern the impact of these issues upon their daily lives and their future.  These issues and opinions will be questioned and discussed from factual, historical and current perspectives as a one-stop shop for the news that can be used in shaping the future and success of our audience.  Join us today, and discover the impact that GeoffTalk.com can make upon your life!

4 comments on “About/Purpose

  1. Jay Allen on said:

    This will supplement my FOX News reading.

  2. Polly Long on said:

    Good stuff here Geoff!! Keep ’em coming.

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